Welcome to The Music Of Jamaica Rules Page!

Rules & Guidelines

  1. Our goal here is to focus on Jamaican music, reggae, Jamaican folk music, and related styles. The music you play here may include sub-genres, such as kumina, niyabinghi, mento, ska, rocksteady, lovers rock, dancehall, dub poetry, toasting and ragamuffin. Also, the music should be of Jamaican origin; or have direct Jamaican “roots”; this is our theme.
  2. If you do drift to music from other Caribbean islands, Latin America and Africa please don’t drift too far or for too long. We are here to enjoy, share and discover the music
  3. Check the “Room info” to see what’s already been played. Please ask first before launching into your songs that are longer than 6 minutes.
  4. DO NOT PLAY SOJA or SNOOP LION. If you play off-genre music in this room, you will be removed from the DJ stand, booted or banned. Basically, please keep it in the genres of Jamaican music, and we’ll all have a good time!
  5. If there is an open spot please hop up. There is currently no DJ Queue or limit on how long you can DJ for. Idle DJ’s will be removed from the stand after 3 songs and no activity.
  6. If you don't agree with our rules there other rooms where you can play whatever you like. However, please do not post links to other rooms here. In addition, do not post harmful or malicious links and please do report anyone trolling.

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  • Events in MOJ

    Marley Mondays

    We love Bob Marley and his music and pay tribute to him every Monday. Join us as we celebrate Marley Mondays.

    List of suitable artists to play on Marley Mondays: Bob Marley & The Wailers, family members including his wife Rita Marley, Cedella Marley, Ziggy Marley, Stephen Marley, Stephanie Marley, Damien Marley, Rohan Marley, Karen Marley, Robbie Marley, Kymani Marley, Julian Marley, Makeda Marley and cousin Alex Marley. Band members Bunny Wailer, Peter Tosh, Andrew Tosh, The I Threes, Judy Mowatt, Marcia Griffiths, The Upsetters and his producer Lee Perry.

    Lovers Rock Sundays

    NEW EVENT dedicated to Dennis Emmanuel Brown every Sunday All Day Dennis Brown music & discussion hosted by DJ I & I Satta AKA Hilbert and DJ Amaserwah

    Lovers Rock Music from all eras, international artist (SUNDAYS ONLY), all day! No other way to spend a Sunday in MOJ!